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Investiture Ceremony-2016-2017


On the 25th and 26th of April 2016, New Al Wurood International School, Jeddah witnessed its solemn ceremony in boys’ and girls’ sections separately, where the institution formally appointed the newly elected student councils. The election to the student councils which were held in a purely democratic way saw a wide array of posts being executed. The councils received their share of governance with the students being voted through full- fledged electoral procedures. The election process familiarized the students on how democracy works. Students are nominated on the basis of discipline, academics and behavior so that they can be role models to their fellow schoolmates.

It was a glorious morning as crowds of excited students and proud, beaming teachers bustled to get assembled for the Investiture Ceremonies in both the sections. It was a solemn occasion wherein the newly elected student council members prepared to don the mantle of leadership and carry out the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school.  

Hosted by a flamboyant pair of student comparers, the ceremonies began with the recitation and its translation from the Holy Quran. This was followed by the traditional ceremonial parade by the elected members of the student council.

In the Girls’ Section Ms. Sreedevi Menon, Principal of NAWIS, along with the chief guest Ms. Farhadunnisa Vice Principal of IISJ and guest of the day Ms. Maqdoora, Ministry Supervisor of KG section inducted the newly elected members with flags, badges and sashes.

Ms. Nasna Azad (Class 12 A) and Ms. Fathima Hiba (Class 10 B) were appointed Head Girl and Assistant Head Girl respectively.  They were followed by Sports Captain, Ms. Shimna and Assistant Sports Captain, Ms. Siham. The student council was a group of fifteen ardent and avid members, all set to fulfill their responsibilities. 

The principal carried out the oath-taking and officially appointed them leaders. At the end, the chief guests Ms. Farhadunnisa addressed the assemblage and spoke about leadership and concluded by congratulating the student council members and wishing them the best for their future endeavours.

The Vice Principal Mr. Peter Ronald welcomed the gathered in the Boys’ section. He congratulated the newly elected members and advised them to be role - models for other students.

With the rhythmic beats of the drums and a march playing, the new council marched in procession up the aisle and on to the stage.  They stood upright with their heads held high and their hearts in humility as each picked up their precious flags and sashes.


The Chief Guest Dr.Ashfaque Maniyar, Registrar King Abdul Aziz University graced the occasion. The chief guest, Guest of honour Mr. Ahmed Al Asmari, The Vice Principal Mr. Peter Ronald, Headmasters Mr. Sunil Kumar and Mr. Abdul Gafoor Irumban, Admin Officer Mr. Niyaz Nazim and the Senior Master Mr. Syed Ismail conferred the badges and sash to the elected Head Boy Sadru Baloo, Asst.Head Boy Jeevanandam, Sports Captain Mohammed Sufyan, Asst. Sports Captain Akshay Uthaman, Student Editor Shaheer Ansari, and the Asst. Student Editor Fawaz Ahmed, Cultural Secretory Abdurahman Ameen and the Asst. Cultural secretory Syed Husnain Haqani, House Captains Mohd Shinas (Sapphire),Mehzin Shoukath (Topaz), Najil Mohammed ( Amber)  and Abdul Aziz Ashraf(Ruby) along with the respective Asst. House Captains Semir Turkmen, Mohd Rayyan, Ziyad Faruqi, Zaid Faruqi. 

The sworn in cabinet had spectacular march past and Guard of Honour. With pride and a sense of achievement surging in their hearts, they saluted the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour as a mark of respect.

The Head Boy administered the oath of office and the members of the council pledged to adhere to the values and principles upheld by School. Apart from their duty towards School, they also pledged their service to the nation’s larger environment. This was followed by The Head Boy delivering his debut speech, urging the new Council to have a clear conscience while delineating their duties. 

Asst.Head Boy Jeevanandam proposed a vote of thanks to call it a day. It was a day of celebrating accomplishments and achievements, a day all Wuroodians could be proud of.

The Chief Guests ceremonially hoisted the school flag and officially declared the Sports Meet 2016-17 open. The Sports Captains administered the solemn oath to the student cabinet. The Sports Torch was carried by the best athlete of the session 2016-17 and the Sports Captain handed over it to the guests of the day to lit the cauldron which would be flaming on the sporting spirit of the Wuroodians throughout the academic year. 

The student councils of both sections promised a definite change for a better tomorrow. They epitomized the trail blazers, the innovators, the torchbearers, the leaders, the chosen few upholding the values the school stands for. They were like the beacon occupying the most coveted positions, ready to provide direction to their fellow students, aiding the smooth governance of the school. They comprise the elite school council. It was a memorable occasion for the young leaders as they looked forward to a new and enriching academic year.



NAWIS Student Council, Boys’ Section 




NAWIS Student Council, Girls’ Section


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