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Physical education is as important as subjects like Mathematics and Science. Children today are losing out on the educational value of the sports experience. The little focus that exists on sports is on the performance sports front.  With obesity among the students on the rise due to an often criticized inactive lifestyle, the newly introduced EduSports programme aims to get the students off their weakness and strengthen their physical development by setting up environments conducive to garnering interest in sports. We wanted to make sports an integral part of every student’s education and upbringing and EduSports creates and manages the complete sports curriculum of our schools.

Kids have fun, stay healthy and fit and learn key life-skills. Qualities like teamwork, leadership, dealing with failure, setting goals, etc; are far more critical for success in adult life. These qualities are well nurtured in this programme. The rigor, focus, assessment, parent involvement and teacher training are of the same intensity as for science and math.

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