Welcome to New Al Wurood International School, Jeddah,KSA


robo lab boys 1We strive to give direction to our aspiring students who want to enter robotics and use their boundless creativity in an outlet that will challenge their imagination. Robotics Learning System (RLS) is a new educational robotic learning platform, making it possible for school students to build and programme their own solutions in a fun-filled way. We conduct a series of sessions that have been designed to let students experience, first-hand, the versatile field of robotics.

The Robotic Lab aims at introducing young children, to the field of robotics, and getting them interested in it at a young age. The students learn to assemble models of robots, simultaneously learning the basic concepts and theory behind their working. All the parts are very simple and child-friendly, and ensure maximum safety and fun. All the components used in the lab represent the fundamental level of robotics, and guarantee a learning experience that is educational yet challenging.

robo lab girlsStudents use this opportunity to experience the joys of learning robotics at the age where they can appreciate and absorb it the most, in a structured and internationally recognized curriculum organized in levels of increasing complexity. Hands-on projects, team activities and competitions are used to provide a fun filled educational environment in the Lab. By building and programming robots, students explore fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Highlights of our pedagogy:

  • Develops scientific temperament and strengthens curricular concepts
  • Nurtures creativity and innovation
  • Develops logical and analytical thinking
  • Improves observational skills
  • Builds confidence and motivation
  • Provides Joyful and Meaningful Learning Experience

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