Welcome to New Al Wurood International School, Jeddah,KSA


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“Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted ...but to weigh and consider.”

- Francis Bacon

A library endowed with thousands of articles and books carves out an impeccable amalgamation of wholesome knowledge provided to all the students. A huge spectrum of books authored by acclaimed writers of various genres is available to children at the New Al Wurood Library. This encourages and inculcates in them a love for reading that not only provides sheer joy but also further develops and enhances many skills in them.

We take care of the fact that the libraries are not only equipped with the best quality books, but are also well spaced, so that students may sit in peace while studying their subject of interest. Books are issued to the pupils of all classes, during library hours. Magazines, journals and newspapers also adorn the library and the children’s reading abilities are monitored. Latest arrivals are often displayed by the librarian in the notice board. School is keen on enriching the library from time to time.

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